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SomatoEmotional Release and Beyond
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John E. Upledger DO
268 Pages

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SomatoEmotional Release and Beyond

Building on the foundation of his first two books, CranioSacral Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy II, Beyond the Dura, Dr. Upledger takes the exploration of whole-body treatment one step further, moving into the realm of mind-body-spirit integration.

SomatoEmotional Release and Beyond illustrates, through a multitude of patient studies, how negative emotion can be stored within the body as “energy cysts,” thus inhibiting detection and/or treatment of the “real” problem.

When practitioners learn how to identify and release these energy cysts, they can facilitate recoveries that seem almost miraculous. Dr. Upledger explains the evolution of the SomatoEmotional Release® (SER) concept, revealing his early work with Dr. Zvi Karni, as they investigated the effects of acupuncture, various osteopathic manipulations, and CranioSacral Therapy on electrical potential changes in patients’ bodies. Their resultant discovery of the energy cyst in numerous case studies led Dr. Upledger to continue his research in this direction.

From Chapter I where the concept of SomatoEmotional Release is introduced and defined to the final pages of the text, Dr. Upledger intertwines actual case studies which dramatically support the existence of stored emotional energy within the organs, tissues, and perhaps individual cells within the body. Through personal observation and participation in hundreds of SomatoEmotional Release processes, Dr. Upledger concludes that most somatically-retained trauma and emotion originally occur against a background dominated by psychologically destructive feelings, such as anger, fear. or guilt. Discover how the body soaks in this emotion at the time of an injury or trauma, later to mysteriously release in the guise of some physical ailment that haunts both the patient and the medical community.

Chapter II covers current techniques on the initiation of SER and the release of energy cysts. Both the “tree model” and the “brain generator model” are discussed in depth. Chapter III offers a comprehensive description of Vector/Axis Integration and Alignment, and Chapter IV addresses the significance of mouth, face, and throat work in SER. Dr. Upledger provides an in-depth discussion of the uses of imagination, creativity, imagery, and dialogue in the SER process in Chapter V. Additional discussion revolves around tumors, emotions, attitudes, connecting with the patient, and the relevance of quantum physics in SER. The book’s final two chapters unselfishly share Dr. Upledger’s personal growth experiences. They provide insight into the author and capture a glimpse of his unique, innovative, and caring persona.


"SER is where you really learn CranioSacral Therapy - you take the training wheels off."

Tim Hutton, UII Instructor

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