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Meridians and Chakras Trifold Reference Chart

IAHE, Jonathan Gissel, MSA,LAc,DipIAc, Kenneth Koles, PhD,DSc,LAc
8.5" w x 11” h when trifolded.

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Meridians and Chakras Trifold Reference Chart

New and added information!!

Developed with Kenneth Koles, PhD, DSc, LAc and Jonathan Gissel, MSA, LAc, DiplAc, this colorful trifold reference chart supports the practitioner in applying principles from the Unwinding Meridians and CranioSacral Therapy curriculum, which is an expanding energetic system that blends the ancient wisdom of Classic Asian Medicine and CranioSacral Therapy developed by Dr. John E. Upledger.

This reference chart introduces the cranial bones and their relationship to the elements, meridians, transforming emotions, neurotransmitters, color and temperature of sound.

It also reviews the Front Mu and Back Shu Points that are assessment and treatment connections to the meridians. One can also feel the craniosacral rhythm at these very active points.

This is a wonderful reference tool for the practitioner to see what relates to the area they are working on and what may assist with that area.

It is an excellent client education tool, as it enables the practitioner to help the client understand how they can help in their therapy treatment through visualizations and sound.

Great item to have several copies in your reception area!

$29.95 (USD)