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Understanding and Working with the Immune System Trifold Reference Chart
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IAHE, Tim Hutton PhD, LMP, CST-D
8.5x11 when trifolded

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Understanding and Working with the Immune System Trifold Reference Chart

The immune system is involved in every treatment we do as manual therapists. If the client is experiencing symptoms, there is some degree of inflammation, and the immune system is involved. It is vital that we, as therapists, understand the role of this very important system of the body.

This beautifully illustrated trifold reference chart, developed with Tim Hutton, PhD, LMP, CST-D shows us, in a simplified format, what the immune system is and how it works. It is also a quick reference guide for the key anatomical structures of the immune system. There is also information about manual therapy and the immune system, and general palpation rules utilizing the craniosacral rhythm.

This reference chart is an excellent client education visual aid.

A must-have trifold reference chart for all manual therapists!

$29.95 (USD)