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Unwinding the Meridians in the Eyes Reference Chart

IAHE, Kenneth Koles, PhD,DSc,LAc
8.5x11 when trifolded

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Unwinding the Meridians in the Eyes Trifold Reference Chart

From the lineage of the Unwinding the Meridians of Acupuncture with CranioSacral Therapy seminars (UMAC) comes a new and exciting Reference Chart on the meridians in the eyes.

Unwinding the Meridians in the Eyes is a compact and efficient way to assist in balancing and enhancing one's entire being. By feeling the cranial rhythm of the Eye Meridians from just above the eyes, you can utilize your sensitivity and intention to access the Inner Physician and the body's own innate healing abilities for optimal health, well-being, and consciousness. Using the Significance Detector as a monitor, you can unwind the Eye Meridians, and this has been shown to balance many levels of one's wellness, most specifically the physical and the emotional.

The reference chart is designed to easily lay on your client's chest, so you can follow the diagrams to unwind the Eye Meridians. There are also sections on Transforming Emotions and accessing the Extraordinary Meridians to tune into intuition, creativity, the endocrine system, old habits, mental clarity, and the brain. Unwinding the Eye Meridians has been shown to have a profound effect on health via a very small area and in a very short amount of time.

Developer: Kenneth R. Koles, Ph.D,D.Sc.,L.Ac.

$29.95 (USD)