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Visceral Manipulation Motility Testing Pocket Guide

Jean-Pierre Barral DO
46 pages

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Visceral Manipulation Motility Testing Pocket Guide

This Pocket Guide is a 'must have' for the Visceral Manipulation Therapist. It is a comprehensive collection of anatomical drawings depicting the motility patterns of healthy organs.

The motility of each organ is clearly explained via illustration, as well as accompanied by supporting text. It will enhance your anatomical knowledge and understanding, and enhance your skill level. Spiral binding at the side of the Pocket Guide makes it easy to view the text and related illustration on the facing page.

This Pocket Guide is a great tool to explain Visceral Manipulation to your clients.

"This is a 'must have' for all Visceral Manipulation Therapists."

--Gail Wetzler, Director of Curriculum

"This is helpful to have in my treatment room, open to an organ I may be working with a client. I still, after many years, want to check the motility to make sure I have it correct. The size and presentation of the motility is clear and easy to view."

--RHJ, P.T., Great Barrington, MA

8.5" long x 5.5" tall (fits in a large pocket!!)

This pocket guide is also available in:

  • Chinese - Simplified -

$42.95 (USD)