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Song; The Transformational Power of Grief

Lee Nugan M.A.
90 Pages

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The Song; The Transformational Power of Grief

The Song is a book that goes beyond theorizing about grief. It deals with steps that help to support and comfort someone immediately after a loved one dies, as well as providing guidance through the months and years that follow. The book offers a different perception of grief and of what the death of a loved one can bring into your life. In spite of the immense pain of the loss, the transformational power of grief can take one beyond what one could imagine.

The author has written very openly about the way she felt on the day of her husband’s death, and in the months and the years that followed. This is shown, in part, through excerpts from her journals that will connect closely with the reader. This book is written in such a personal way that it feels as if a friend, who cares deeply, is talking to you.

Whoever reads The Song will not feel alone in his or her grief.

Whether a loved one just died, or the death was months or even years ago, this book will meet each person where they are, and guide them onward to a life that is truly worth living.

Excellent book to help a person through loss and grief. Great for Therapists who sell books in their clinic. A companion children’s book called Gee Bear and the Journey through Sadness is also available by Lee Nugan.

$15.95 (USD)