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Core-Pak: CranioSacral Therapy

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Core-Pak: CranioSacral Therapy

This is a United States/Canada* seminar series package that offers you a substantial discount for the United States/Canada* seminars. And the payment is set up on a convenient schedule of $100 per month, so it helps you to budget for your continuing education.

The standard tuition for the CranioSacral Therapy series that includes CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2, Self-Care OLV and CST-T Certification (CST-T) is:

CS1 $795 
CS2 $995 
SER1 $995 
SER2 $995 
Self-Care OLV $450 
CST-T Certification $500 
Standard Total: $4730

Through the Core-Pak Program you will enjoy a savings on the tuition for this series.

Core-Pak Total for CS1-SER2, Self-Care OLV and CST-T: $3300

Your Savings: $1430!

Call us at 561.622.4334 ext 2 or email us at to register and arrange your simple payment plan of $100 per month. 

Your payment will be processed each month on your credit card. You may select the seminar dates and locations as it suits your schedule.

*This program is available for United States/Canada courses only, and excludes classes in Puerto Rico and in-house locations.

**Tuition rates may be subject to local/state taxes and/or city/country surcharges.