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Didactic Adult Human Skull, Magnetic, 22 part

22-part normal size skull

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Magnetic 22 Part Didactic Adult Human Skull

Complete disarticulated adult skull in 22 parts (Didactic colored). This is the world most scientific 22 parts bone model with the best skull bone details. It includes 22 individual bones in 9 different colors. Cast from real adult specimen this skull depicts detailed structures not seen in any other product before. Every bone is superb scientific. Great attention was put on all details, especially the sphenoid bone. The temporal bone even shows the carotid artery canal. It is best for teaching and learning, a perfect tool for osteopaths.

Assembly and connection: with magnets and connectors for easy assembly and best connection. Special plastic connectors are used to secure firm and stable assembling, while magnets help you rotate the separate bones in the right directions, before connecting.

Compared to magnets-only skulls this product is much more stable and will last for many years. Magnetic forces tends to weaken over time.

Includes Colored User Guide in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Japanese.

Size: adult normal size.
Material: hard durable plastic.

The skull comprises following individual bones:

1. Parietal bone, right
2. Parietal bone, left
3. Occipital bone
4. Temporal bone, right
5. Temporal bone, left
6. Sphenoid bone
7. Frontal bone
8. Vomer bone
9. Palatine bone, right
10. Palatine bone, left
11. Inferior nasal concha, right
12. Inferior nasal concha, left
13. Upper jaw (maxilla) with teeth, right
14. Upper jaw (maxilla) with teeth, left
15. Lacrimal bone, right
16. Lacrimal bone, left
17. Nasal bone, right
18. Nasal bone, left
19. Ethmoid bone
20. Zygomatic bone, right
21. Zygomatic bone, left
22. Lower jaw (mandible) with teeth


Q: What’s the size of this skull model?
A: This skull model was cast from real adult specimen. It is adult life size and highly anatomical accurate.

Q: What’s the difference of this model compared to other models with only plug connectors?
A: It contains magnets, which makes assembly easy, rapid, simple and right to the place.

Q: What’s the difference of this model compared to other models with only magnets?
A: - It contains sturdy plug connectors which hold the bones together firmly, as magnets become weaker over the time.
- It is highly stable even beyond years.

Q: How long will this product be stable?
A: Magnets get weaker over the time. Only plug connectors guarantee a long stability in the product. The product can remain as good as the first day even after many years.

Q: What’s included in this skull kit?
A: It include:
- 22-part Skull model, assembled
- Colored user guide in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin and Japanese

$394.00 (USD)