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Beyond a Charmed Life, A Mother’s Unconditional Love

Barbara Huntress Tresness
206 pgs paperback

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Beyond a Charmed Life, A Mother's Unconditional Love

Beyond a Charmed Life, A Mother’s Unconditional Love is an inspirational memoir about a mother’s love for her special needs son with heartfelt stories and a triumphant spirit of overcoming insurmountable challenges. From caretaker to advocate role, author Barbara Huntress Tresness wants to share “you are not alone and hope does exist”. This is a story of tenacity, triumph and a spiritual awakening to the universal forces that help mother and child have an unbroken bond that transcends everything.

“Sharing our stories out loud helped me and helped others. It got easier as I began to tell some of what had happened to us. I kept many journals and wrote about my feelings good and bad because I never wanted Graham to think he was difficult for us to care for. I wanted him to know he was loved unconditionally.”- Barbara Huntress Tresness.


“Barb Tresness has written a heartfelt story of a mother’s unconditional love for her disabled child, a story that will resonate with all families who love their children and want them fully included into every aspect of the human experience.”

Marianne Leone, Actress and Author of Jesse, A Mother’s Story

“Barb and her son Graham's journey is truly inspirational and motivating...and you will see how they were able to overcome severe obstacles to become true champions. Kudos to Barb and Graham for sharing their deeply personal and moving story so others can benefit.”

John Matthew Upledger, CEO, Upledger Institute International

“Barb is a visionary. Where others see struggle, she sees hope.”

Matt Seubert, Associate Executive Director for Development, Access CNY

“Barb Tresness is a tireless advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, and she’s a champion for ensuring equality in communication.”

Peter Blanck, Ph.D., J.D.,Chairman, Burton Blatt Institute & University Professor, Syracuse University

“Graham's story and the unending support he gets from Barb will always make him one of my best teachers. My son told me when he was small, that children choose their parents before they come in, if so then Graham certainly knew what he was doing when he chose Barb!”

Carol McLellan, CranioSacral Therapist CST-D, CPO-D, Ombudsman CCPB Upledger Institute International

Barbara Huntress Tresness is an author, disability advocate and founder of CHAT Collective. Her son Graham serves as the inspiration for writing this book and helps teach us with his wisdom. Also written by Barb Everyone Communicates: Learn How to Talk to Me! - The guidebook to communicating and socializing with Non Verbal Communicators (NVC’s) and Limited Communicators (LC’s). She received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont, and currently lives with her husband and three sons in Manlius, New York.

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