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A Touch Better; Two Therapists’ Journeys and Lessons Learned from Dr. Upledger about CST
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Gayle Mya Breman, LCSW, LMT, CST-D, Susan Vaughan Kratz, OTR, CST-D
253 Pages

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A Touch Better

Two Therapists’ Journeys and the Lessons They Learned from Dr. John E. Upledger about CranioSacral Therapy

A Touch Better describes how Dr. John E. Upledger’s work of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) inspired a shared journey of two therapists who put his work into practice. This book offers a promise of guidance for newer students to embrace the work, as well as for the sage therapist who is interested in learning about how the Upledger Institute International came into being. Embedded are personal observations of “Dr. John’s” philosophy and character, and his eventual rise to become one of Time magazine’s Top 100 Healthcare Innovators of the 21st Century.

The authors share details, including their learning curves, of how they developed their CST skills and how CST profoundly changed their lives. Therapists learning the work will gain helpful tips in applying CST in the manner Dr. Upledger intended. Case studies are offered, which highlight excellent clinical outcomes. This book includes a review of scientific research and evidence supporting the use of CST as an accepted healthcare treatment.

Healthcare professionals and lay persons alike searching for a deeper understanding of CST and a way to articulate their experiences will find this book beneficial. There is something for everyone who wants to make our world ‘A Touch Better’.


“This book tells the little-known story of how CranioSacral Therapy grew from one man's innovative adaptation of traditional osteopathy into a world-wide presence, with a focus on the brilliance of Dr. John E. Upledger as seen through the eyes of two long-time students. The book is especially valuable for its many detailed case examples (and the lessons learned therein) as well as for its inclusion of the scientific context of the modality and an overview of the supporting research. This information will be especially valuable for those who are curious about CranioSacral Therapy but have never experienced a hands-on session themselves. Although after reading this book, they may want to!”

--Eric Leskowitz, MD

Founder, Integrative Health Project
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Boston MA

“Mya and Susan share their journey to CranioSacral Therapy – a genuine and insightful story on their mentor-mentee relationship. Full of inspiring information for those of us who are clinicians and medical researchers to learn about the true meaning behind a CranioSacral practice."

--Noel Chan, PhD, LMT, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School

“The authors have etched into print the stories of Dr. John E. Upledger’s brilliance in developing CranioSacral Therapy, and the growth of the Institute under John Matthew Upledger and colleagues. Mya and Sue share their extensive clinical experience in using these techniques to guide clients with challenges from autism to war trauma to find their own power to heal. Truly inspiring!!" 

--Kathleen Farah, MD

Integrative Family Physician, CranioSacral Therapist, Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin Health, Senior Faculty Center for Mind Body Medicine

The authors did a wonderful job discussing Dr. Upledger's work to develop CranioSacral Therapy and the growth of the Upledger Institute International. They explained developments in the field in a way that was clear and interesting, and didn't leave out the problems and setbacks that appeared along the way. They also showed us what it was like for them to work with Dr. Upledger in the clinic, and various classes. I found their discussion of SomatoEmotional Release to be quite useful. They explained it simply and showed us how well it worked with their own clients. The book inspired me to do more SER with my own clients. (SER is verbal, but most CST techniques are nonverbal. I had developed the bad habit of not doing much SER with my clients because I was busy doing nonverbal things. This book got me doing more verbal work again, with very interesting results.) A Touch Better is a fun book with cool info for readers of all interests. It shows us the author's enthusiasm for the therapy itself, and their respect for the amazing group of professionals who fostered its growth."

--Amy Axt Hanson, MA, LMT, CST-T

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