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Visceral Manipulation for Female Pelvic Disorders

BOOK - Visceral Manipulation for Female Pelvic Disorders - Manual Therapists and Osteopaths are challenged in their everyday practices to assess and treat patients affected by pelvic floor disorders. Recurring referral diagnoses may be related to functional disorders (urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, infertility), hormonal physiology (puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause), or related to consequences associated with specific surgical and/or infectious disease processes. The intrapelvic soft tissues are continuously stimulated and mobilized due to respiratory, urinary, genital, and intestinal functions; similarly, the urogenital organs are in constant motion. This book is based on the most common pelvic disorders encountered in clinical practice, and provides practitioners with key treatments to aid with patient care and recovery. 

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Online Video-Upledger-Applied Anatomy: Practical Dissection Experience for Manual Therapists

Online Video-for your computer or digital device - Applied Anatomy: Practical Dissection Experience for Manual Therapists - This is an online video program based on the Virtual Series that is currently running from February through the end of July.  Register now to join the virtual program.  If you miss any of the live dates, you will be able to watch via the online streaming video several weeks after the live date.

Series of 6 Programs - This Virtual Series is an exciting opportunity to participate in a dissection program from the comfort of your home. Eric Moya has taken his decades of teaching dissection classes and created this Applied Anatomy program that will benefit all manual therapists.

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