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Online Video-Upledger-Self-Care: A CranioSacral Perspective
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Stan Gerome LMT, CST-D, Avadhan Larson, LMT, LAc, CST-D, Margaret Gill, Nikki Kenward, CST-D

$450.00 (USD)

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**Prerequisite to purchase program - CS1 Seminar Completion

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Length: Approximately 20 hours

We know that our alumni are dedicated to helping others and carrying the legacy of Dr. John forward into the world. 

We also know that in order to do so effectively, we have to keep our ‘cup full.’ If we give from an empty cup, over time we can harm ourselves. One of the manifestations of the pandemic is chronic stress and anxiety. To optimally help our clients and patients with the residual symptoms, we must have cared for ourselves and embody the healing that our clients are seeking.

That is why we created a very special series just for YOU!

You will:

Learn multiple ways to tend to your body, mind, spirit, and emotions, all from a CranioSacral Therapy perspective. You will do so through a deepening of your relationship with your Inner Wisdom.

Develop not only new skills and applications, but you will be a more solid presence to facilitate the healing that so many will be seeking as our world recovers.

We have assembled some of our most prominent and experienced instructors to support you in your journey of self-care.  With a few surprises along the way, you can count on being prepared to meet your clients where they are with greater ease. Revitalized yourself, you will be ready to invite change from a place of wholeness.

A CranioSacral Conversation with Ourselves; Maggie Gill MBA, MCSS, CST-D
As practitioners of CST, we know the benefits of this gentle therapy. We can extend this gentleness to ourselves through our touch and reap restoration for our body, mind and spirit. In this class, you will explore the elements of a conversation with our craniosacral system that will elevate your palpation and listening skills. You will have a greater understanding of the power of a gentle touch and a therapeutic presence to invite change within. Your own self-healing mechanism will have a chance to speak and lead you to a place of balance during these unprecedented times. With anxiety at an all-time high, this is an opportunity for respite that you can utilize anytime to nurture yourself. You will learn enjoyable and effective ways to apply Upledger CST to enhance your own health.

Creating Safety in Your Gut; Nikki Kenward CST-D, MCSS
We are living in challenging times, each with our own experiences and processes.  At the same time we are working as therapists, facilitators for people who have also been experiencing their own journey through these times, often with trauma - physical and/or emotional. How can we help ourselves in order to not only feel better in ourselves but be grounded, calm, neutral facilitators for those who come to us?

All of us will have felt our gut respond to our lives very directly. Perhaps having diarrhea or constipation in response to fear, or feeling butterflies in their stomach before an exam or a difficult interview or conversation. Perhaps we eat too much or stop eating when we are stressed or sad, or eat all the food which is unhelpful to us.

This class will teach you about your gut and how it responds to your life, as well as how it has the potential to be your center of emotional and spiritual growth. By the end of the class you will be more connected to your gut, and have had guided meditations to help you access and work with the emotional and physical history held there and have strategies going forward to create safety there.

Our Self-Nurturing “I” Witness; Stan Gerome LMT, CST-D
In this exploration, we will connect with our bodies and become a witness to areas that may need attention right now. It is our connection to our own Inner Wisdom that provides personalized advice on how we can nurture ourselves through witnessing our feelings and images that may appear. Through drawing and listening to what our images reveal, we gain strength during these challenging times. Embodying our relationship with our own Inner Wisdom provides an anchor for our clients, so they may also more easily witness and develop a connection to their own Inner Wisdom.

Enhancing Your Vagus Vitality; Mariann Sisco PT, CST-D
In this fun and informative seminar, explore new ways of working wonders while we wander with our vagus nerve through the body. The vagus nerve's participation in parasympathetic responses brings us to a state of calm that supports regeneration rather than stress and anxiety. The key player in polyvagal theory, the vagus nerve promotes connection with others through the social engagement nervous system as described by Stephen Porges. Polyvagal theory will be presented along with the importance of Heart Rate Variability as a measure of vagal function. Appropriate anatomy will be covered to support the CranioSacral applications for the vagus nerve and these techniques will be practiced during class. Additionally, other self-care activities for the vagus nerve will be presented to optimize the parasympathetic activity of your nervous system.  Tips to engage your social nervous system during these times of social distancing will also be presented. Viva Las Vagus!!!!

Trauma First Aid; Avadhan Larson LMT, LAc, CST-D
The pandemic is creating a mass response of traumatic activation, and each of us and our clients are reacting in individual, unique ways, as well as in more universal ways, which are governed by our autonomic nervous systems. The resolution of unresolved trauma naturally leads to states of resilience; however, a significant amount of resilience is also required in order to navigate the resolution of our nervous system’s activation in response to perceived threat. In this class, you will focus on accessing and developing your own resilient states, as well as how to most effectively support this process with our clients. We will briefly look at trauma theory and how it specifically relates to the unique conditions of a pandemic, as well as how our nervous systems are “wired” to react to this form of threat. We will be looking at both ends of the spectrum, how to foster and build resilience in ourselves over time and in daily life, as well as the process of nurturing and restoring resilience within a treatment session time frame for our clients. This class will allow us to offer, to ourselves and to others, a form of “trauma first aid.”