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EBOOK-The Croissant Inside the Brain: The Legendary Manual Therapy of Jean-Pierre Barral

Peter Schwind Dr. phil., M.A.
208 Pages

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The Croissant Inside the Brain

The Legendary Manual Therapy of Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O., MRO(F)

For a quarter of a century, Peter Schwind has closely followed the workings of the legendary osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral as a student, as an assistant teacher to therapists, and also as a conversation partner and friend. Now Peter Schwind—author of the of the successful book—Fascial and Membrane Technique—presents an exciting story which includes case studies by Barral that seem almost too incredible. He takes the reader on a journey to the hidden bridges, which are present in the intermediate world of the body and soul. He tells about the exciting paths that Barral has taken to answer the question of whether healing with hands is at all possible. Could our muscles, fascia, and bones, as well as our organs and nerves, be brought to life again via touch? And is it even possible—as in the story of the croissant inside the brain presented in this book—to touch the brain through the cranium so sensitively that it finds a new life? A new life made possible by that which experts call the neuroplasticity of the brain? We invite you to explore these questions with Jean-Pierre Barral and the author.



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