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Visceral Connective Tissue Support System Pocket Guide
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Jean-Pierre Barral DO
62 pages

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Visceral Connective Tissue Support System Pocket Guide


This Pocket Guide is a 'must have' for the Visceral Manipulation Therapist. It will enhance your anatomical knowledge and understanding, and enhance your skill level.
Spiral binding at the top of the Pocket Guide makes it easy to view the text and related illustration on the facing page.

This Pocket Guide is a great tool to explain Visceral Manipulation to your clients.

8.5" long x 5.5" tall (fits in a large pocket!!)

This pocket guide is also available in:

  • Chinese - Simplified -


"This Medical Pocket Guide Book emphasizes specific details to give a clear understanding of the organ attachments and the potential for functional change (structural integrity, support, absorption of pressure, and protection). The material presented here will help you identify the local fixation, how to connect with it, and how it may affect another section of the body. I encourage each of you to add this unique approach to visceral anatomy to your continual quest for anatomical knowledge and understanding."

Gail Wetzler, Director of Curriculum, Barral Institute

$47.95 (USD)