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Online Video-D'Ambrogio-Total Body Balancing 1 & Total Body Evaluation Home Study Program
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Online Video-D'Ambrogio-Total Body Balancing 1 & Total Body Evaluation Home Study Program

NOTE: You will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions for setting up your online video streaming account and your voucher code to access these online videos. The printed Study Guide and Reference Guide will be mailed to you. 

See Online Video FAQs for details and length of video access.

Total Body Balancing

Total Body Balancing (TBB) is a total body evaluation and a 5-phase treatment approach. TBB uses long levers (arms, legs, head/neck or torso) and rhythmic mobilization to release tension in the muscles, fascia, joint capsules and ligaments to improve circulation, nerve, and energy flow. This helps to normalize sympathetic and parasympathetic neurological activity while the use of long levers maximizes effect with less effort on behalf of the practitioner. This long lever approach of rhythmic mobilization influences all systems of the body including the lymphatic, the visceral and the craniosacral, myofascial and musculoskeletal systems and serves as an overall support and integration for specific treatment. This is called a maximal approach and treats the body as a whole.

Total Body Balancing 1: Fundamentals

The TBB1 Fundamentals program teaches you a full body evaluation focusing on ARS of the ARTS evaluation and a 5 phase rhythmic mobilization treatment template in the supine, prone, side lying, and sitting position. 

Total Body Evaluation

The TBEV program explains the principles and practice of Total Body Evaluation. It is divided into an easy to use format allowing you to view the full body evaluation from beginning to end. IMPORTANT: These evaluations tools are usable for all modalities - CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, etc.

TBB1 & TBEV Home Study Program Includes:

1.  TBB1 Online Video Program

•    Part 1: General Principles of TBB, TBB Full Body Evaluation & Treatment

•    Part 2: TBB Specific Treatment Phases I to V Appendix: Spinal Biomechanics

(Part 1 Length - 1:33  &  Part 2 Length - 1:15)

2.  Printed TBB1 Study Guide and DAI Treatment Approach Handout

3.  Printed TBB1 Reference Guide

4. Total Body Evaluation Online Video Program 

(Part 1 Length - 1:17  &  Part 2 Length -   1:06)

5. Printed TBEV Reference Guide

6. CEU Home Study Test: 4 Hours

7. Bonus:  Two online Video Lectures with Kerry D'Ambrogio explaining the principles and practice of TBB and TBEV, as well as how to maximize the use of the Home Study Program.

*NTSC Region Free DVD format.

Reference Guides

The reference guides are a comprehensive collection of over 100 illustrations each depicting the evaluation protocols and treatment techniques used for Total Body Balancing. Each evaluation and technique is clearly explained via illustration and supporting text.  

Special Package Discount: 

Purchase the Total Body Balancing Core-Pak, which includes TBB2 and TBB2 Home Study Programs and more, and save over $1000 off the retail price. 

"Total Body Balancing is an incredible investment when it comes to building your practice and getting results. Total Body Balancing brings the principles of Classical Osteopathy to life in a format that allows manual therapists to create a customized and integrative treatment for each patient based on dynamic evaluation. Everyday in my practice I hear incredibly positive feedback and see amazing changes in my patients by utilizing this simple but profoundly effective approach to supporting the body in its ability to heal."

 -T. Clark, Student of Classical Osteopathy, MOT, Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

$790.00 (USD)