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Online Video-Upledger's Beyond the Dura Exploration & Research Conference-10 Lanugages-VIDEO ACCESSING ONLY

Avadhan Larson, LMT, LAc, CST-D, Carol McLellan CMT, CST-D, Chas Perry Ph.D., CST-D, Gerald Pollack, Hank Meldrum, Mariann Sisco, Tad Wanveer LMBT, CST-D, Thomas Rasmussen Ph.D, MSc, CST-D

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BTD23 Handouts & Bonus Videos

Upledger's Beyond the Dura Exploration & Research Conference - 10 Languages

  • English
  • Chinese - Subtitles
  • Czech - Subtitles
  • Italian - Subtitles
  • Japanese - Subtitles
  • Korean - Subtitles
  • Portuguese - Subtitles
  • Romanian - Subtitles
  • Russian - Subtitles
  • Spanish - Subtitles

Length: Approximately 10 hours.

7 additional hours of bonus presentations (many of the bonus materials are available in Czech, English, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Spanish).