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Physiological & Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volume 2: Abdomen; Duodenum, Small Intestine, Colon, Sphincters, and Additional Supportive Techniques

Physiological & Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volume 2: Abdomen; Duodenum, Small Intestine, Colon, Sphincters, and Additional Supportive Techniques

This exciting new book will be released July 2024. Check back to place your order soon!

In the Physiological and Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation series of books,  Dr. Ron Mariotti helps the manual therapist move from a purely mechanical approach with patients to the role of “artist” by developing the subtle ability to sense tension pat-terns, as well as the moment of tissue release. The foundation of this series of books is the truly unique and effective work of French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral referred to as Visceral Manipulation.

In Volume 2 of the Physiological and Clinical Application series, Dr. Mariotti continues his detailed exploration into the clinically relevant world of anatomy and physiology, with a focus on the duodenum, jejunoileum, and colon. Not only does he take you methodically through the study of anatomy, but also step-by-step through the assessment and treatment techniques of Barral’s Visceral Manipulation.

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Manual Therapy Approach to the Brain; Volume 1

BOOKManual Therapy Approach to the Brain, Volume 1 - This book presents an innovative manual approach to working with the brain, the most complex and fascinating part of the body, and a territory that seems essentially inaccessible. It is the result of a rich clinical experience, and a long empirical and pragmatic journey that Jean-Pierre Barral began over four decades ago. 

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Starter Kit - VM

Get started with Visceral Manipulation 1 (VM1) with this basic Starter Kit which includes Visceral Manipulation (VM1 text book), Understanding Your Organs Trifold Reference Chart, Pathway to Health book, and a 1-Year IAHP Medallion Membership.

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Clinical Kit; Visceral Manipulation

Make your clinic days even easier with a Clinic Kit for Visceral Manipulation. Boost your ability to utilize Visceral Manipulation with these useful tools in our Clinic Kit.

This package includes:

  • Pocket Guide (Visceral Mobility);
  • Pocket Guide (Visceral Motility);
  • Pocket Guide (Visceral Connective Tissue Support System); and
  • 75 Client Education Brochures (Discover Visceral Manipulation).
Price for all 4 items is just $135.00. Save $28.85 off the retail price.

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Core-Pak: Visceral Manipulation

This is a United States/Canada* seminar series package that offers you a substantial discount for the seminars. And the payment is set up on a convenient schedule of $100 per month, so it helps you to budget for your continuing education.

The standard tuition for the Visceral Manipulation series that includes VM1, VM2, VM3, VM4, VM1-4 Virtual Component and VM Certification (CVTP) is:

VM1 $795
VM2 $995
VM3 $995
VM4 $995
VM1-4 Virtual Component $500
Certification $400
Standard Total: $4680

Through the Core-Pak Program you will enjoy a savings on the tuition for this series.  The Core-Pak program includes the hybrid class offerings.

Core-Pak Total for VM1-V4, VM1-4 Virtual Component and CVTP: $3300

Your Savings: $1380!

Call us at 561.622.4388 to register and arrange your simple payment plan of $100 per month. Your payment will be processed each month on your credit card. You may select the seminar dates and locations as it suits your schedule.

*This program is available for United States/Canada courses only, and excludes classes in Puerto Rico and in-house locations.

**Tuition rates may be subject to local/state taxes and/or city/country surcharges.

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New Approach to the Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System

BOOK - New Approach to the Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System - This book presents the functional importance of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in the physiological, behavioral, and psychological balance in humans. Older and dualistic concepts of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems hold that they operate in complementary and opposing ways. In this text the reader will discover a new system with three hierarchical levels arranged according to their functions for adaptation, survival, and homeostasis. Although this book was written by an osteopath, it will benefit all therapists of the body, mind, and spirit who search to deepen their comprehension of human functioning. 

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Visceral Manipulation for Female Pelvic Disorders

BOOK - Visceral Manipulation for Female Pelvic Disorders 2nd Edition

We are excited to release the second edition of this book!!

Manual Therapists and Osteopaths are challenged in their everyday practices to assess and treat patients affected by pelvic floor disorders. Recurring referral diagnoses may be related to functional disorders (urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, infertility), hormonal physiology (puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause), or related to consequences associated with specific surgical and/or infectious disease processes. The intrapelvic soft tissues are continuously stimulated and mobilized due to respiratory, urinary, genital, and intestinal functions; similarly, the urogenital organs are in constant motion. This book is based on the most common pelvic disorders encountered in clinical practice, and provides practitioners with key treatments to aid with patient care and recovery. 

The Second Edition includes numerous additions and updates. There are several additional pages that have been added with new details and illustrations throughout, including the latest research on biomechanics, endometriosis, and pelvic neuralgia. The pelvic floor now has a chapter unto itself, and there is a whole new chapter on pregnancy with valuable new techniques. In addition to the global release of the uterus, other treatments include techniques for round ligament syndrome, the osteoarticular system, the muscular system, the digestive system, the vascular system, and the autonomic nervous system with the clear images that we have come to appreciate.

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