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Discover Integrative Approach to Concussion Trifold Chart

8.5" w x 11” h when trifolded.

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Discover Integrative Treatment assists with Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injuries Trifold Reference Chart

New and added information!!

This helpful trifold reference chart, written in laymen's terms, explains the value of integrative manual therapies for helping people with traumatic brain injuries.

Post-Concussion Syndrome and associated symptoms have been shown to clinically respond to CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Neural Manipulation (NM) and Visceral Manipulation (VM). These manual therapies continue to generate interest and scientific investigation as a viable adjunct in the care of individuals experiencing the adverse effects of post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injuries. These manual therapies affect the body deeply and assist the healing forces already at work. When the body is no longer bound by restriction along the fascial system it can move with greater ease, readily adapt to its environment, and thus have a greater expression of health.

This reference chart is an effective way to boost your business through consumer education and care.

Excellent tool for Therapists to help develop their practice and share with their clients.

Great item to have several copies in your reception area!

$27.95 (USD)