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EBOOK-How to Beat the Stress Epidemic

Eric Marlien, PT, DO
128 Pages

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How to Beat the Stress Epidemic; Mind/Body Strategies for Enhancing Well-Being


A note from the author, Éric Marlien DO, PT, Barral Institute Instructor from France --


For whom is this book written? For anyone who, in one way or another, feels their life is a succession of difficulties. These could be due to external stress linked to the ups and downs of daily life, which have intensified in modern times. Or they could be due to internal, psychological stress connected to their personal narratives, whose traces continue to torment in some way.

I continue to meet patients in my clinical practice who not only suffer from stress, but are ill equipped to deal with it in a positive manner, avoid its psychosomatic consequences, or find a way to live in such a way that might limit it. All this despite an apparent deluge of information and solutions at their disposal. My intention is to show that stress management, and more broadly, the topic of emotional balance, cannot be understood from a single point of view. To this end, I have taken a multifaceted (scientific, psychological, and philosophical) — albeit simplified—approach, and proposed a series of practical solutions, in line with these comprehensive considerations. I will have achieved my goal if some people, as a result of this book, are able to find, or rediscover, some measure of control and serenity in their life. It is my wish that they become aware that reducing daily stress is an entirely personal process of shifting attitudes, and that it is up to us alone to exercise our freedom and creative power, in every aspect of our existence.


About the book...

After a clear and concise theoretical description of stress and its consequences for health, the author presents cardiac coherence, a state of physiological well-being that is gaining popularity in France today. He lays out a collection of exercises and practices that lead the reader step by step towards physiological, emotional, and psychological balance. When these three personality components are carefully and thoughtfully brought into harmony, they create the foundation for a healthy and constructive life.



"Éric Marlien, DO, PT has done a truly remarkable job of clarifying for patients and health care providers alike the mind/body strategies for enhancing well-being. Clearly written, he proposes a series of positive, practical solutions for those "fighting stress." I recommend this book to all therapists and their patients."

Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O., Developer of Visceral Manipulation and author

This eBook is available exclusively as a PDF and is readable with the free Javelin PDF Reader, accessible with your Product Activation Code after purchase.

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