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iOnline Video-Barral-VM1-VC: Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1; Virtual Component
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Alison Harvey, DC-BI-D, Damian Kitcheman DO, CVTP, Juliane Marafon, PT, CVTP, Lorrie Harper, MSPT, CVTP, Ron Mariotti ND, BI-D

$125.00 (USD)

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Online Video-Barral-VM1-VC: Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1; Virtual Component


This virtual program provides the benefit of learning from BI Teachers from around the world.

This program includes lecture, anatomy and layered lab palpation related ot Visceral Manipulation and the abdomen. The didactic information will enhance your understanding of the role of organ-specific fascial mobilization—Visceral Manipulation—and dysfunctional patterns in the body.

You will be introduced to the models and concepts of functional biomechanics as viewed from Jean-Pierre Barral's Visceral Manipulation approach. This method of evaluation and treatment is based on the concept that each of our internal organs rotates on a physiological axis. Focus is on the abdominal cavity and includes the organs, their membranes, ligaments, innervation and their spatial functional interrelationships.

At the conclusion of the presentations, we offer a question and answer session with a member of the international teaching team.

Approximately 6 hours.

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Note: If after viewing this Virtual Component Program you would like to purchase the VM1-VM4 Core-Pak, we will apply the cost of this program toward your Core-Pak. Call to Educational Services to receive this offer - 561-622-4334, ext. 2 or 866-522-7725, ext. 2.