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Physiological & Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volume 2: Abdomen
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Ron Mariotti ND, BI-D

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This exciting new book is now available. 

In the Physiological and Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation series of books,  Dr. Ron Mariotti helps the manual therapist move from a purely mechanical approach with patients to the role of “artist” by developing the subtle ability to sense tension pat-terns, as well as the moment of tissue release. The foundation of this series of books is the truly unique and effective work of French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral referred to as Visceral Manipulation.

In Volume 2 of the Physiological and Clinical Application series, Dr. Mariotti continues his detailed exploration into the clinically relevant world of anatomy and physiology, with a focus on the duodenum, jejunoileum, and colon. Not only does he take you methodically through the study of anatomy, but also step-by-step through the assessment and treatment techniques of Barral’s Visceral Manipulation.

Optimal health and function of the duodenum, jejunoileum, and colon are essential for the overall health of the human organism. The duodenum not only absorbs micro-nutrients, but also creates numerous secretions that help optimize abdominal pressures and protects the delicate jejunoileum from potential pathogens entering through our foods. The jejunum portion of the jejunoileum is the site of a significant proportion of the gut’s nutrient absorption, as well as the main source of many neurotransmitters and hormones. The colon functions as a key interface in the symbiotic relationship we share with our microbiome.

The organization of this book series, and the specificity of the information, will have you returning to this series time and time again, as an important reference tool. When you are wondering what the evaluation and tissue listening might be related to, you will find it in these pages.

Praise for the Series:

Dr. Mariotti, with this outstanding series of books, has created an invaluable resource for manual therapists. With detailed and easy-to-follow information about anatomy and physiology, and brilliantly supportive images, Dr. Mariotti has created a user’s manual for the education of our hands for palpating tissue layers and ultimately arriving at a more accurate visceral evaluation and treatment plan.
Mark Blöemberg, PT, DO, BI-D

Dr. Ron Mariotti’s commitment to the well-being of people, paired with his Visceral Manipulation skills and profound knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, have resulted in his second, profoundly explanatory and deepening book in this field. As Jean-Pierre Barral says, “We can do much more than we believe when using the wisdom in our hands in combination with our understanding of anatomy and physiology.”
Christoph Sommer, HP, Rolfer, BI-D

About the author:

Dr. Ron Mariotti is a naturopathic physician who received his doctorate from the prestigious Bastyr University and lives in Ashland, Oregon with his partner. He is an international teacher for the Barral Institute with a focus on helping manual therapists understand the web of anatomic and physiologic connections between organs and their patient’s symptoms. He is the author of the series Physiological and Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation, as well as The Historical and Evolutionary Perspectives of the Organs for Manual Therapists and The Care and Feeding of Your Organs. He has also developed a series of audio programs that include guided layered palpations designed to enhance the sensitivity of the hands of the manual therapist. Dr. Mariotti is also the developer of the online Visceral Manipulation Study Group ( where Barral Institute alumni can go to dive deeper into the study of the organs.

The author is working on completing this four-set book series.

Physiological and Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volume 1, Abdomen Volume 1 is available now!

Physiological and Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volume 2, Abdomen available July 2024.

Physiological and Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volume 3, Pelvis
Volume 3 is expected to be released by July 2025.

Physiological and Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volume 4, Thorax
Volume 4 is expected to be released by December 2025.

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