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Nervous System / Endocrine System Trifold Reference Chart

CHART - This beautiful trifold reference chart is full of illustrations and information to help with understanding the correlation between the nervous system and endocrine system, and specifically how the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems regulate the functioning of organs.

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Understanding the Peripheral Nervous System Trifold Reference Chart

CHART - This useful trifold reference chart reminds us of all the components of peripheral nerves with a great image to keep in your mind’s eye as you treat peripheral nerves. In addition to being a convenient go-to reference with diagrams and descriptions, it also includes the very useful page of common conditions arising from dysfunction at each spinal segment.

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Pelvic Anatomy Kit

Pelvic Anatomy Kit

Continue your Visceral Manipulation (VM) study with this anatomy kit:

  • Female Pelvic Model
  • Urogenital Manipulation textbook
  • Visceral Manipulation for Female Pelvic Disorder 2nd Edition textbook
  • Manual Therapy for the Prostate textbook. 

By purchasing these items together in this starter kit, you will save $47.85 as opposed to purchasing them individually.


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Add-Pak: Visceral Manipulation

This is a United States/Canada* seminar series package that offers you a substantial discount for the United States/Canada* seminars. And the payment is set up on a convenient schedule of $100 per month, so it helps you to budget for your continuing education.

The standard tuition for the Visceral Manipulation series that includes VM5, VM6 and VM Certification (CVMP) is:

VM5 $995
VM6 $895
Certification (CVMP) $400
Standard Total: $2290

Through the Add-Pak Program you will enjoy a savings on the tuition for this series for seminars taken in the United States/Canada.*

*This program is available for United States/Canada courses only, and excludes classes in Puerto Rico and in-house locations.

**Tuition rates may be subject to local/state taxes and/or city/country surcharges.

Add-Pak Total for VM5, VM6 and CVMP: $1750

Your Savings: $540!

Call us at 561.622.4388 to register and arrange your simple payment plan of $100 per month. Your payment will be processed each month on your credit card. You may select the North American seminar dates and locations as it suits your schedule.

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