VM1: Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1 VM1 05.21-24.24 TELAV

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VM1 May 21-24, 2024 Tel Aviv, Israel

Taught in English and translated to Hebrew

Advance Preparation: The required reading for this course is the textbook titled Visceral Manipulation, by course developer Jean-Pierre Barral. Reading the book will help you get the bigger picture of visceral relationships. The first chapter gives the basic philosophy and an introduction to listening techniques. The VM1 course emphasizes the liver, gallbladder, stomach, sphincters, jejunoileum and the colon. In addition to reading the textbook, please familiarize yourself with the definitions and/or locations of the anatomical terms available at:

The majority of these terms can be found in the Visceral Manipulation prerequisite textbook as well as anatomy textbooks.

For additional preparation and delving deeper into the anatomy, watch Online Video Anatomy Series - OLV-ASVMA1 available at

For both course preparation and implementing the material into your practice we offer a ‘Visceral Manipulation Starter Kit’, which includes the following items:

~Visceral Manipulation (textbook)
~Understanding Your Organs Trifold Reference Chart
~Pathway to Health (book)
~1-Year Barral Alumni Association-IAHP Medallion Membership - Medallion Membership benefits are many - including post course video review of VM1 material.

Starter Kit $130 plus shipping
Total cost if purchased individually $240.90
~Savings $110.90 (prices subject to change)

Supplies: PLEASE BRING A MASSAGE/TREATMENT TABLE. Due to liability issues, meeting sites may not allow banquet tables to be used as treatment tables. Additionally, treatment tables provide a safer and more comfortable environment for the lab portion of class. We understand some travel may not make massage/treatment table transport possible – when you receive an email from us asking about massage/treatment tables, please simply reply accordingly.

AFTER you sign in and pick-up your name tag at the seminar, set your massage/treatment table in front of the pre-set chairs in the meeting room.

We recommend you bring colored pencils or markers, as many students find that adding color annotations while drawing and note taking in class is beneficial for learning. BI provides grease pencils for identifying anatomy on skin during the labs, but you are welcome to bring your own eye liner pencil. Students may find these easier on their skin. Before using a writing device, just verify with the teacher if they have a preference.

Attire: Comfortable, loose fitting clothes. As many of these manipulations require an exposed abdominal cavity, we encourage you to bring clothing suitable for skin contact (lab clothes). Due to the nature of the work, short finger nails are required. 

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