Addressing the Skull (ZBSS)

Prerequisite: ZB2 or ZB1 and instructor permission
Addressing the Skull (ZBSS):

Addressing the Skull was developed to help ZB practitioners use ZB principles when working with the skull. In this four-day course we will review skull anatomy and its relevance to ZB, and talk about different qualities we feel in the skull and their significance. In addition this class will provide an in-depth training of working on the mouth, case studies, and overall anatomy of the head, face, skull.

You Will Learn:

  • To determine which cranial sutures are energetically significant
  • To find and evaluate sutures
  • The value and experience of sliding fulcrums
  • To use new cranial fulcrums
  • How to engage "neighbor" bones to help those in trouble
  • Ways to nestle with the skull and brain
  • Fulcrums and holds for the mouth, teeth and jaw
  • How the sacrum and ilium relate to the hyoid, head, mouth, brain
  • To work with the "Key of the Keystone" (the relationship of the palatine to the sphenoid)
  • How facial trauma affects the whole cranium
  • Brain anatomy including the Hippocampus and Amygdala