Advanced Visceral Manipulation: Visceral Osteoarticular Relationships (AVMVOR)

Prerequisite: Visceral Manipulation 2 (VM2)

Advanced Visceral Manipulation: Visceral Osteoarticular Relationships (AVMVOR)

The viscera have a distinct relationship with the spine and joints throughout the body. This course explores this special interface, in particular, how the visceral system affects the structural system. Through the integration of advanced visceral manipulation techniques, new possibilities arise for the treatment of osteoarticular dysfunctions.

It is rare to find a spine that is free from fixations; an articular blockage that is solely of mechanical origin is rarely seen. Our experience has shown that articular fixations are often the expression of an underlying visceral or psychological problem. The cervical spine is a perfect example where a blockage may come from a visceral, cranial, circulatory, musculo-ligamentary, or dural membrane source.

~Learn how by treating the visceral system, you will influence osteoarticular dysfunctions.

~Understand the visceral connection to the structural system of the body.

~Expand your evaluation skills using listening and inhibition techniques to develop effective treatment plans based on the evaluation findings.