Art of Zero Balancing (AOZB)

Prerequisite: ZB2
Art of Zero Balancing (AOZB):

The Art of Zero Balancing does not have a fixed content but continually evolves with our expanding experience and understanding of the body/mind relationships of energy and structure. The underpinnings of this course can be summarized by Dr. Smith’s words: “If you know energy, you need to know structure. If you know structure, you need to know energy. If you know both, you need to know how to put them together.”

The focus of Art of Zero Balancing is on the integration and enhancement of a ZB session. The desired outcome is to have you move ZB from a practice form to an art form, and for your clients to have a deeper sense of personal health and well-being.

Art of Zero Balancing gives you the opportunity to hear and practice Fritz Smith’s application of the principles of Zero Balancing. As you embody the principles of ZB, your sessions become your personal expression.

Although the name of this program stays the same, each course will focus on a different theme to achieve the goals of full wellness for the client and to help you with your own understanding and expression of Zero Balancing

You Will Learn:

  • A specific theme appropriate to the times and the moment
  • Zero Balancing’s newest insights and progressions
  • Use of ZB protocol in relation to emotional states and needs
  • Use of ZB to help navigate the changing times
  • The integration of basic fulcrums with new expressions and uses
  • Insights about the client’s process and experience toward wholeness
  • Expanded use of ZB principles, such as the pause and synchronicity
  • Zero Balancing in relation to community and world service
  • Teachings designed to deepen your basic ZB skills
  • Through Zero Balancing demonstrations and exchanges