AOZB 10.23-26.24 CHI

AOZB: Zero Balancing: Art of Zero Balancing
AOZB October 23-26, 2024 Chicago, Illinois



The Art of Zero Balancing continually evolves with our expanding experience and understanding of the body/mind relationships of energy and structure. The desired outcome is to have you move ZB from a practice form to an art form, for your clients to have a deeper sense of personal health and well-being, and for you to tap into the flow of creativity that Zero Balancing presents. The goal is to expand your understanding of ZB to enhance your practice and your life.

This is a residential Master Class retreat with Jim & Michael. They will present their latest ZB thoughts, theories, fulcrums, and exercises to enhance and deepen your understanding and execution of Zero Balancing.

Being a residential retreat is very special. It allows for hang out time, building community, swapping ZB's anytime, and unknown exciting happenings. Included in the retreat will be personal growth exercises and a partial day of mindfulness. Previous workshops have shown the power and joy of being together in a magical place.

The Art of Zero Balancing gives you the opportunity to allow your sessions become your personal expression informed by experience and creativity.

Advance Preparation:

Please review IN ADVANCE so that you are comfortable with these parameters prior to your arrival.

If you are not comfortable with them, or prefer to not attend for any other reason, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your attendance.

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