Avenue of Expression: A Feldenkrais Approach (AOEF)

Prerequisite: Although this class is geared toward craniosacral therapists, no prior knowledge or experience is required. There are no prerequisites, and you may invite friends or clients who wish to learn self-care and develop self-awareness.
Avenue of Expression: A Feldenkrais Approach (AOEF):

In "Avenue of Expression: A Feldenkrais Approach", we will use the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education to expand our knowledge and techniques pertaining to the avenue of expression. If you would like to learn innovative and effective techniques for working with TMJ syndrome, breathe more deeply and fully, or develop your voice for speech or singing, you can learn something valuable from this course.

We will use the gentle exploratory movements of Awareness through Movement to develop our kinesthetic sense of our avenues of expression, including mouth, jaw, throat, hyoid, ribs, and diaphragm. We will enjoy lecture/discussion in a casual small group. (Class size is limited to 20.) There will be hands-on demonstration and practice of techniques that complement craniosacral work and enhance its effectiveness. 

Please enjoy this short audio to learn more about this program:  Improving Posture and Increasing Flow of Cerebrospinal Fluid