BAES 06.30-07.03.24 FREEP

BAES: BioAquatic Exploration: SomatoEmotional Release
BAES June 30-July 3, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas


This program will allow you to spend time in the water with dolphins, discovering the magic of these wise and sensitive creatures, as well as explore, integrate and apply CranioSacral Therapy techniques in cooperation with bioaquatic and dolphin-assisted dynamics.

You will also experience multi-therapist application of CranioSacral Therapy techniques while working in small groups in the water, and in a traditional land-based setting.

The first day will include a swim with dolphins. On Day 3 participants will have the opportunity to participate in Dolphin Assisted Therapy. The remainder of the time will be spent on the boat. Nights will be informal-the class will meet at its discretion.

Participants will be taken by chartered boat to perform "multiple-therapist" work in the water on days 2 and 4. Although the captain will make every appropriate effort to locate the dolphins, we cannot guarantee their presence.

Since a majority of this workshop is conducted in the water, participants are expected to be able to be comfortable in waist-to-shoulder deep water, practice boat safety, and take responsibility for their own well-being while riding in the boat and working in the water.

If you have a serious medical condition, such as a history of stroke, please contact the instructor prior to the date of the workshop.

Advance Preparation:
Recommended Reading: Dolphin Chronicles: Keeping Dolphins Alive and Well, Communicating with Orcas, Mind in the Waters by Joan McIntyre;Souls in the Sea by Scott Taylor; Dolphin Dreaming by Jim Nollman; Dolphins and Their Power to Heal by Amanda Cochrane; Music Physician by Don Campbell; Cell Talk by John E. Upledger. We have some valuable information for you regarding your BioAquatic Exploration experience, available at

Pelican Bay Hotel Accommodations:

Below you will find this year's rates which include breakfast but do not include the 18% tax. Rates are based on single and double occupancy.

Waterside single Occupancy w/ breakfast - $146.50
Double Occupancy w/ breakfast -$165.50

Waterside Superior Stateroom single occupancy w/ breakfast - $163.00
Double occupancy w/ breakfast - $182.00

Waterside Deluxe Stateroom single occupancy w/ breakfast -$177.25
Double occupancy w/ breakfast - $196.25

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