DATIP 08.04-07.24 FREEP

DATIP: Dolphin Assisted Therapy Intensive Program
DATIP August 4-7, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas


This four-day Comprehensive Therapy Program includes dolphins and their incredible ability to assist healing. We consistently find the dolphins to be active participants in the therapeutic process. This is combined with traditional CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in the beautiful and supportive environment of the Bahamas.   


In the Integrative Intentions Dolphin Assisted Therapy program, we trust and facilitate the inclusion of our natural environment in the healing process. CST therapy is our primary modality and relies upon the innate healing capacities of our own nature. Dolphins offer their assistance in the healing process. We intend to facilitate, with their assistance, to bring holistic dimensions into your therapy. Dolphins frequently offer us their unique ability to facilitate healing. We will be respectfully asking them to participate and assist in your healing process. This brings some unique holistic dimensions into this work.   


We have found that the uniqueness of each individual exchange with dolphins brings a very individualized, specific and universal dynamic to the process. Regardless of what you have read or been told by others and the images you might have, we invite you to come and experience for yourself.


This program will allow you to spend time each day in the water with dolphins at the Dolphin Experience, discovering the magic of these wise and sensitive creatures, while experiencing multi-therapist application of advanced CranioSacral Therapy techniques, working in small groups in the water, and in a traditional land-based setting. We will be forwarding more specific location details as the program approaches. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have. We can be reached at 800.233.5880 or 561.622.4334 or by fax at 561.622.4771.

Advance Preparation:
Recommended Reading: Dolphin Chronicles: Keeping Dolphins Alive and Well, Communicating with Orcas and Souls in the Sea by Scott Taylor. We also have some valuable information for you regarding your BioAquatic Exploration experience, available at

Pelican Bay Hotel Accommodations:

Below you will find this year's rates which include breakfast but do not include the 18% tax. Rates are based on single and double occupancy.

Waterside single Occupancy w/ breakfast - $146.50
Double Occupancy w/ breakfast -$165.50

Waterside Superior Stateroom single occupancy w/ breakfast - $163.00
Double occupancy w/ breakfast - $182.00

Waterside Deluxe Stateroom single occupancy w/ breakfast -$177.25
Double occupancy w/ breakfast - $196.25

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