Neural Manipulation: Brain and Cranial Nerve Manipulation (NM4)

Prerequisite: Neural Manipulation: Peripheral Nerves; Upper Body (NM2) and Neural Manipulation: Peripheral Nerves; Lower Body (NM3).

Brain and Cranial Nerve Manipulation (NM4)

This course explores evaluation and treatment techniques for nerves of the brain and cranial region.

Course Highlights

  • Explore in detail the anatomy and function of the brain and cranial nerves.
  • Discover typical pain patterns that arise from dysfunction of the brain and cranial nerves.
  • Learn evaluation methods and treatment techniques to facilitate normal functioning of these nerves.
  • Learn differential evaluation skills to determine skull, suture and brain fixation.
  • Explore how compressions of the brain cause dysfunction in the cranial nerves.
  • Discover how intracranial pressure affects the function of the entire body, and cranial techniques to bring about normal functioning.
  • Learn practical integration into treatment sessions.


"The Barral Institute provides an in-depth meeting point for energetic medicine rooted in anatomy. These courses bridge the gap between un-tangible and the tangible."

R. Shadraven, DO

"The Barral courses have expanded my practice as well as my own understanding of how efficiently we can affect the nervous system with ease!"

S. Wisotshy