Bridges to Wholeness: ZB and Those Affected by Cancer (ZBCAN)

Prerequisite: ZB2
Bridges to Wholeness: ZB and Those Affected by Cancer (ZBCANS):

Bridges to Wholeness is an advanced training offering experienced Zero Balancers the skills, knowledge and insights necessary to develop consciousness and confidence when working with clients who have a cancer diagnosis. Students learn to effectively obtain client information, identify precautions, and design a session that is safe, effective and enhances wholeness. Protocol modifications along with new fulcrums are learned and practiced. Through art, meditation, movement and conversation, participants explore the terrain of health and illness from a personal, societal and archetypal viewpoints. They learn to increase personal presence, awareness, compassion and sensitivity in their work, becoming better practitioners for all clients, whether healthy or health-challenged.

You Will Learn:

  • To make informed choices and appropriate session modifications based on a deeper understanding of the complexities that cancer presents as a disease as well as its treatments and their effects.
  • Develop hands-on skills that reflect an increased awareness of the physical, mental, emotional, social, and psycho-spiritual issues that may arise with cancer clients.
  • Expand and deepen presence and attention with themselves and with the client.
  • Work in a way that minimizes the demands on the client.
  • Modified fulcrums and new fulcrums that support health and wholeness.