CLSB-V 06.20-22 & 27-29.25 VIRTUAL

CLSB: CranioSacral Therapy: Listening to the Second Brain - The Enteric Nervous System
CSLB-V June 20-22 & 27-29, 2025 Virtual Eastern Time (Miami)


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Study directly with Nikki Kenward, the Developer of this course! You will learn about the structure and function of the Second Brain, the Enteric Nervous System, by looking at recent research in the new field of neurogastroenterology, and combine this with new understandings of tissue/ cellular memory. The course material and experience will help you be able to listen more sensitively to the stories our gut/second brain is waiting for us to hear.

The course is entirely focused on new information on the enteric nervous system and how to palpate the different parts of this as well as exploring its connection to the central nervous system, and looking at the vast range of clinical applications in practice. Some techniques we already use such as evaluation using the craniosacral rhythm (CSR) will be explored in terms of the components of the Enteric Nervous System, using the Significance Detector (SD) to help us focus in this area and direction of energy and fascial glide as appropriate.

You will be offered a thorough foundation of knowledge both academic and experiential of all parts of our neurology. The course develops further the use of the CSR, the SD and the concept of tissue memory focusing on the enteric nervous system and the gut. All these concepts are fundamental to CranioSacral Therapy. The course strongly emphasizes the development of therapeutic presence and skilled listening with our hands to all elements of the second brain.

This virtual gut class will contain all the information and practice sessions of the in person class. As always there is a positive for something that could be seen as negative. In my class I have always talked about how important it is for us to go on our own journey into the history of our digestive system so that we may create a more helpful therapeutic space for those that come to us with theirs.

During this class you, the student, will be treating yourself rather than trading with another. The very wonderful thing about this is that you will be able to go deeper into yourself and your issues in a way that you might not with a more usual trade with another student. So not the same, but offering different gifts.

Nikki shares "Also in this time of craziness, being able to work on ourselves is empowering, as a COVID-19 recoverer myself, I know how helpless and anxious a time that was for me and how important it was to feel I had something I could do to help myself, so I developed a meditation to support the gut and thymus immune system which I will add to the class. So you will have a personal journey and be able to offer self help techniques to your clients."

YOU WILL BE PROVIDED THE ON-LINE ACCESS INFORMATION 5-6 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COURSE. Please respect the integrity of the work and the program, and the privacy of participants and presenter/s. No still or video screen captures are permitted during this program.

Advance Preparation:
Required reading to prepare for the course:
Overcoming Chronic Digestive Conditions by Nikki Kenward CST-D, available at and The Second Brain by Michael Gershon MD, available at

A package including the Overcoming Chronic Digestive Conditions book is recommended and includes 3 Items: Overcoming Chronic Digestive Conditions (Book) & Tummy Tracker (Journal) & Second Brain (Wall Chart) available at

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