CranioSacral Dissection (CSD)

Prerequisite: CranioSacral Therapy 1 (CS1)

CranioSacral Dissection (CSD)

Course Highlights

  • Observe cranial dissections on an unembalmed cadaver.
  • Study two frozen craniums - one that is hemi-cut and the other transverse cut.
  • Perform hands-on CST.
  • View and work with the entire dural tube and the cerebella.
  • Observe dissection of the Avenue of Expression and thoracic inlet.
  • Explore the thorax and abdomen (time permitting).


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"I was expecting broad and deep learning, clarification of many anatomical details. This was all true. And the unexpected gift of spiritual transformation of changes in my relationship to life itself is priceless."

CD, Portland, Oregon


"I compare it to looking at pictures of the Grand Canyon, then hiking down into it (and out!). Then rafting it for 18 days. You can look at anatomy books, but when you experience a good Upledger Dissection class….!"

DT, Placerville, California

"CranioSacral Dissection provided anatomical validation to techniques applied externally. I was able to feel (and sometimes see) the direct relationships between techniques applied and cranial system responses!"

MT, Newberg, Oregon

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