CSPT 02.10-12 & 27-28.24 VIRTUAL Finland

CSPT February 10-12 & 27-28, 2024 Virtual Finland

IAHE Educational Services Liaison: Debbie Silverman

The following is an overview of the CranioSacral Presentation Tools class. During the first day of class the instructor will review the CranioSacral Therapy (CST) class material included in ShareCare, Overview of CST, and Introduction to CST; review the presentation evaluation form used in class; and discuss topics such as presenting CST class information, presenting to diverse groups, organizing your presentation, creating and using PowerPoint or Keynote slides, and finding your personal style of presenting.

During the remainder of the class (days two through five) you will present a total of four times. Each presentation will last thirty minutes. Your presentation is followed by a thirty-minute period in which the instructor and class participants comment upon your presentation. You are asked to attend all of the presentations.

You will receive notification of your specific presentations three months prior to class. The general presentation topics will be the following: a group of your choice, such a “parents of children on the autism spectrum” or “massage therapists;” a CST lecture, such as “the craniosacral system and Pressurestat model;” a CST technique, such as “dural tube rock and glide.” The CST lecture will be given two times.

Participation in the class does not guarantee that you will be a certified presenter at the end of the class. Certification depends upon the scores you receive on your presentations by the instructor and upon the instructor’s recommendation. You will receive your class evaluations within two weeks of completion of the class that will contain your evaluation scores, notification of presenter status, suggestions on how to improve your presentations and any follow-up work needed for presenter certification.

This class is designed to help you become a confident presenter within a supportive and caring environment.

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