CSIREX 06.20-23.24 BELLI

CSIREX: CSIR: Palpating and Treating the Extremities: Anatomy, Palpation, Mapping, and Application of CST to Issues Caused by Inflammation in the Extremities
CSIREX June 20-23, 2024 Bellingham, Washington


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The major focus of this class is learning how to address traumatic injury, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions of the arms and hands, legs and feet.

As human beings we use our arms and legs constantly and injuries to the extremities are quite common. In addition, there are many chronic inflammatory conditions that affect the extremities. The role of the immune system in such issues is often overlooked, but as is true for other areas of the body if symptoms are present, the immune system is involved. It is critical that we as CranioSacral therapists be able to address this important and subtle system of the body.

In this class, students learn to palpate all the various structures in the extremities – skin, muscles, bones, joints, arteries and veins, nerves, lymph, etc., determine if there are restrictions or inflammation present in those structures, and learn to address and treat those issues using our process-oriented CST approach. That is, rather than learning how to "fix" such conditions and suppress the symptoms, students will gain insight into how to support the body's own self-corrective mechanisms so that the body itself can heal in those situations. In addition, participants will expand the boundaries of and greatly deepen the subtlety and specificity of their craniosacral palpation skills.

Advance Preparation:
Required Reading: How the Immune System Works by Lauren M. Sompayrac PhD, available at Recommended Reading: Cell Talk by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM, available at

There are several restaurants nearby for lunch. In addition a refrigerator and microwave will be available for those students who prefer to "brown bag."

Special Considerations:
Please note that the classroom at my office is up a steep flight of stairs and is not handicap accessible.

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