Fabulous Fulcrums (ZBFAB)

Prerequisite: ZB2
Fabulous Fulcrums (ZBFAB):

Come have fun exploring some of our favorite fulcrums not usually taught in any other courses. Plus — learn how to make almost any of your fulcrums “fabulous.”

The workshop content includes problem-solving, refinement of touch, advanced understanding of body reading and deepening of fundamental concepts. It is an opportunity for practitioners to gather together for rejuvenation and advancement of skills.

When do you use more energy? When do you use more structure? When do you just sit and “be?” These are some of the most important questions we will be addressing.

You Will Learn:

  • The Accelerator Fulcrum and other new foot, ankle and calf fulcrums
  • The significance of the second sacral segment
  • How to work with leaky fields/boundaries
  • Subtle neck fulcrums
  • How to work with people who are "too loose"
  • Plus much, much more