MAB2 07.07-09.24 PB

MAB2: Manual Approach to the Brain 2
MAB2 July 7-9, 2024 Palm Beach, Florida



Manual Approach to the Brain 2 (MAB2) builds upon the foundations laid in MAB1, delving deeper into the intricate workings of the brain. It broadens its scope by incorporating additional structures and functions. This comprehensive course encompasses a range of areas, such as:

~The ear
~The pituitary and hypothalamus

In MAB2, we embrace the complexity and interconnectedness of these brain structures and functions, equipping you with a deeper understanding of the fascinating brain.

Advance Preparation:
The required reading for this course is the textbook Manual Therapy Approach to the Brain; Volume 1 available at In addition to reading the textbook, please familiarize yourself with the definitions and/or locations of the anatomical terms available at:

Reviewing course videos of AVMTB is very valuable for students - it helps ensure you are ready to move to the next level of learning. Reviewing videos on-line of class content is available to IAHP Medallion Members. If you are not already a member, contact us at 800.311.9204 or 561.622.4334, or join on line at

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