MAB3 07.12-24.24 PB

MAB3: Manual Approach to the Brain 3
MAB3 July 12-14, 2024 Palm Beach, Florida


Upon completing MAB1&2, MAB3 delves deeper into the realm of patient care, specifically focusing on individuals with specific conditions. This advanced material empowers manual therapy practitioners to adopt a fresh perspective when approaching systemic diseases. The course explores a range of conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Tinnitus, and Multiple Sclerosis. Engaging discussions revolve around understanding the intricacies of these pathologies and the limitations of manual therapy in addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with these conditions.

In MAB3, practitioners explore how a manual approach to the brain can transcend these limitations and potentially alleviate the symptoms experienced by those affected by these diseases. Barral imparts invaluable insights on how precise manual therapy techniques can stimulate the central nervous system and facilitate self-repair. This knowledge equips practitioners with the tools to effectively assist individuals who have undergone a stroke or ictus.

The human brain, with its inherent plasticity, serves as the foundation for this transformative work. By learning the techniques taught in MAB3, practitioners gain the ability, as Barral himself describes it, to restore the crucial "inner bridges" within the brain. These bridges are vital to individuals facing various difficulties in their lives.

In essence, the underlying principle of this course emphasizes striking a delicate balance between minimizing manual effort while maximizing manual precision. This fusion of ease and finesse forms the core philosophy behind this transformative approach to patient care.

Advance Preparation:
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