Mastery in Zero Balancing (ZBMC)

Prerequisite: ZB2 and one other ZB class

Mastery in Zero Balancing (ZBMC) is designed to provide skills and support to certified (or experienced) ZB practitioners who desire to deepen their work and their personal development. The intention is to build a strong ZB community to use as a laboratory for exploration. The program is a three day course in which a group of motivated, experienced Zero Balancers study and learn together.

You Will Learn:

  • Caring for caretakers: ZB and inner work; tuning in to our core selves for deep nourishment.
  • Creating the group energy field: the art of inner and outer pauses, and how we can apply them in our lives and sessions.
  • Process in ZB: how to create a clear verbal interface and facilitate transformation through verbal dialogue as well as with bodywork.
  • Mastery as a practitioner: Getting to the level of instinct so the practitioner’s minds are quiet.
  • Exploring practitioner strengths and challenges and gaining clarity on steps needed to develop more fully as a practitioner.
  • Touch calibration process: in addition to workshop meetings, participants are expected to write up case studies for feedback and discussion, exchange sessions with other participants and receive tutorials with ZB faculty.