Neuromuscular Therapy and the Breath of Life (NMTBL)

Prerequisite: Professional healthcare practitioner, student in healthcare program or graduate awaiting licensure/accreditation with experience in sensitive, light-touch palpation.
Neuromuscular Therapy and the Breath of Life (NMTBL):

This course will explore the 3-dimensional breath, discuss a variety of dysfunctional breathing patterns and their consequences on biochemistry and posture, offer simple assessments of breathing mechanics, and use NMT strategies for treating the affected muscles.

You should leave this course with the ability to describe functional breathing and to look for simple indicators of dysfunctional patterns. You will be able to perform several manual assessments and NMT techniques designed to enhance respiratory function. These strategies may improve vital lung capacity and offer enhanced breathing, not only for those with respiratory conditions (asthma, bronchitis, etc.), but also for athletes, wind instrument players, singers and others to whom breathing well is important.