Neuromuscular Therapy and the Lymphatic System (NMLS)

Prerequisite: Professional healthcare practitioner, student in healthcare program or graduate awaiting licensure/accreditation with experience in sensitive, light-touch palpation.
Neuromuscular Therapy and the Lymphatic System (NMLS):

The major goal of this course is to learn the basics of lymphatic anatomy and physiology and learn skills that enhance lymph flow which can easily be incorporated into your massage routines.

Learn how the lymph system works and some common dysfunctions that can occur with this system. Learn how important the lymph system is to the health of the body and how its common dysfunctions can comprise health and vitality. This course will teach how the lymph flows through the body and how to effectively utilize massage, neuromuscular and myofascial techniques to support and even to enhance its flow the lymph. Learn very basic ways to move the lymph through tissues, treat trigger points and joints as well as working with inflammation using a fluid modal approach.