New Manual Articular Approach - Advanced Joints (MAAAJ)

Prerequisite: New Manual Articular Approach: Spine and Pelvis (MASP) and New Manual Articular Approach: Lower Extremity (MALE).

New Manual Articular Approach: Advanced Joints (MAAAJ):

New Manual Articular Approach (NMAA) is a manual therapy modality that applies a comprehensive approach to the treatment of joints.

Only the tissues know and it is up to us to know how to listen to them. In Barral’s concepts, it is the ultra-precision of the evaluation and the treatment that facilitates the best relief for the patient. This precision requires great anatomical and topographic knowledge, and it is for this reason that this continuation in the New Manual Articular Approach curriculum was developed.

The human body has many joints, all of which are important. A joint is an interactive whole, which includes the articular surfaces, the capsulo-synovial, ligamento-muscular, vascular, and neural systems. To most effectively help a patient the therapist should become proficient in all these parameters.

Course Highlight

  • This advanced seminar is not a repetition of the previous New
    Manual Articular Approach seminars, but a logical continuation to further
    assist with the suffering of patients.


“I repeatedly injured my shoulder when training for fitness competitions. My therapist explained about a new therapy she had been studying, Manual Articular Approach, and suggested she evaluate me based on those principles. She discussed about my shoulder's connection to my organs, blood vessels, and a connective tissue called fascia, as well as the role of the bones, ligaments and muscles. After several treatments my shoulder felt so much looser; I didn't realize how restricted it had been until I felt the big difference. I am confident this new therapy is getting to the cause of my recurring shoulder injury.”

D.D., New York, NY