MWP 06.22.24 VIRTUAL

MWP: Mouthwork Plus; Stretching the Envelope
MWP June 22, 2024 Virtual Eastern Time (Miami)



Uncover new dimensions of mouthwork therapy with this Zoom presentation, Mouthwork Plus, Stretching the Envelope. Guided by Hank Meldrum's 25+ years of pioneering experience, this virtual class offers a unique blend of artistry and science tailored for advanced practitioners like you.

In this program, CS2 and SomatoEmotional Release alumni will delve into a curriculum that honors the legacy of Dr. Upledger while pushing the boundaries of traditional CranioSacral Therapy. This class weaves together time-honored techniques with innovative practices and “non-protocol” methods, aimed at helping people with complex somatoemotional and physical conditions. This will be a journey of discovery and self-treatment - encompassing a comprehensive approach to mouthwork and CranioSacral Therapy.

Hank Meldrum developed this program over many years with the encouragement of Dr. Upledger, and it synthesizes a wealth of information, both tangential and anatomical in a dynamic, fun and exploratory manner.

“It's very avant-garde. I loved his previous Beyond the Dura presentation - this is interesting material and I'm excited to attend!" - Rebecca Flowers, OTR, BCP, CST-D; CSP Co-Ombudsman for Upledger Institute International.

This exclusive Zoom presentation of approximately 3 1/2 hours, including an enriched live Q & A session, is scheduled for June 22, 2024. You will receive a recording of the event that you will have access to for a year.

Advance Preparation:
No advance study required, come prepared to celebrate and enhance your understanding of health and well-being.

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