Barral SERIES of 4 Anatomy Series – Visceral Manipulation Encore

TWT: Tuesdays with Teacher
TWT-Barral SERIES of 4 Anatomy Programs – Visceral Manipulation with Live Q&A Oct 8, 2024



Online Video - Series of 4 Online Programs with Virtual LIVE Q&A - Each segment in this series will provide in depth discussion with a visceral perspective. The presentations are designed to enrich your knowledge and enhance your practice with a greater understanding of organ specific fascial and soft tissue connections and their connection to pain and dysfunction. The BI Faculty have studied for many years and are able to encapsulate many years of knowledge to bring it to you and your practice.

The content will delve into
~anatomy of a specific organ and it's relationship to its surrounding anatomy
~pertinent dissection slides of unembalmed donor
~using models of organs, the presenter will demonstrate each organ’s movement patterns
~self palpation as it relates to clinical application

The online video segments (approximately 2.5 hours each) can be watched at your convenience and cover:
Abdomen 1
Abdomen 2

October 8, 2024 - Virtual LIVE Q&A with Barral Faculty Annabel Mackenzie

Advance Preparation:
Make a note of questions as you view the videos, and bring those notes to the October 8, 2024 virtual program where Annabel Mackenzie will address questions.

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