NM3 03.28-30.25 HAR

NM3: Neural Manipulation: Peripheral Nerves; Lower Body
NM3 March 28-30, 2025 Hartford, Connecticut



In this hands-on seminar, you'll focus on the inferior limbs, spine, sacrum (external nerves), thorax and abdomen.

Advance Preparation:
To be prepared for more advanced study, before attending NM3 we recommend that you read Manual Therapy for the Peripheral Nerves, available at, perform at least 50 each of femoral and sciatic nerve treatments, and download and complete a preparation checklist here:

Reviewing course videos of NM1 and NM2 is very valuable for students - it helps ensure you are ready to move to the next level of learning. Reviewing videos on-line of class content is available to IAHP Medallion Members. If you are not already a member, contact us at 800.311.9204 or 561.622.4334, or join on line at

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