Neural Manipulation: Peripheral Nerve Manipulation; Upper Body (NM2)

Prerequisite: Neural Manipulation: Neuromeningeal Manipulation; An Integrative Approach to Trauma (NM1)

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Peripheral Nerve Manipulation: Upper Body (NM2)

This course explores evaluation and treatment techniques for peripheral nerves of the upper body. 

When a nerve is fixed, it typically loses its ability to glide and/or stretch in length. The intra- or peri-neural pressure dramatically increases, at the same time there are changes in consistency. The nerve pathway shows functional interferences (blood supply or electric and/or electromagnetic conductivity). 

With fixation, smaller nerve sections can harden. They feel like buds and are very sensitive or painful to the touch. Such "Nerve Buds" are an indication of an intraneural interference, an overload of physiological pressure points or a local fibrosis. Nerve buds can be released very effectively with Neural Manipulation. 

Palpation of the skin branches of peripheral nerves can be useful for evaluative, as well for therapeutic considerations. When evaluating the skin branches, if they are sensitive or painful to pressure, typically there is a fixation of the deeper nerve branches. 

Course Highlights

  • Explore in detail the anatomy and function of the peripheral nerves of the upper body.
  • Discover typical pain patterns that arise from dysfunction of these peripheral nerves.
  • Learn evaluation methods and treatment techniques to facilitate normal functioning of these peripheral nerves.
  • Discover various methods for releasing restrictions in nerves.
  • Explore practical integration into treatment sessions.

Class Details


"Learning to evaluate and treat peripheral nerves will enable you to evaluate and treat chronic pain more efficiently and effectively."

~ NM2, November 2018, practitioner with 34 years experience

"Specifically understanding the nervous system, the mobility and anatomy of nueral structures and implications for restriction in this system on all mechanical dysfunction is integral in treating the whole person."

~ NM2 May 2019, Physical Therapist

'The Barral courses have been fantastic. I have completed VM1-4, Listening 1, NM 1-3 & MAUE. I cannot say enough positive things about them. The instructors are all very good, their anatomical knowledge is exceptional, the techniques are very useful, and the information you get on each course is great. I can highly recommend them to further your clinical knowledge, palpation and technical skills. As an osteopath, I use the techniques I have learnt on these courses daily and I see fantastic results with patients.''

L. Bennett, Osteopath


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