NM2 01.10-12.25 CAL

NM2: Neural Manipulation: Peripheral Nerves; Upper Body
NM2 January 10-12, 2025 Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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This course explores evaluation and treatment techniques for peripheral nerves of the upper body, including the anatomy and function of these nerves and how typical pain patterns can arise from nerve dysfunction. Evaluation and treatment techniques will be addressed in lecture and practice formats.

Advance Preparation:
Required reading before attending NM2:
Manual Therapy for the Peripheral Nerves, available at, perform at least 50 brachial plexus treatments and review the anatomy list on the preparation checklist.

Download and complete the preparation checklist here:

For additional preparation and delving deeper into the anatomy, watch:
Online Video Neuromeningeal Explorations and Clinical Applications of NM1 - OLV-NME1 available at

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