Strategic Crossroads of the Body 1 (SCB1)

Prerequisite: VM2 and MALE OR MAUE OR MASP; OR VM2 and NM2 OR NM3; OR VM2 and VVMU or VVML.

Strategic Crossroads of the Body 1 (SCB1)

Fascia and peritoneum make up envelopes that provide immune and mechanical protection for their contents. These wrappers facilitate harmonious gliding between structures. Surrounding fibers are arranged in precise and logical directions, as a function of their various mechanical purposes. In addition, fibers conduct electromagnetic waves and play a significant nutritional role for the elements they encompass.

Peritoneal and fascial fibers intertwine at certain well-defined intersections in the body. These crossroads help configure and protect the adjoining of limbs, where arteries, nerves, muscles and tendons naturally change direction.

At the viscera, intertwining fibers are mainly found where two organs meet, where any sort of excretory pathway connects to an organ, and as structures pass though or attach to the diaphragm.

While peritoneal and fascia fibers are naturally thicker at these locations, they can become fibrotic following surgery, infection or trauma. In such instances, neurovascular and visceral systems are at risk of compression.

This seminar provides an inventory of the most superficial and accessible of these intersections, and the neurovascular bundles that go through these strategic locations. Specific tensions can be released with precise techniques.

We will study the following crossroads:

  • Cranio cervical
  • Cervical thoracic
  • Axillary
  • Intrathoracic
  • Diaphragmatic
  • Abdominal
  • Abdominopelvic
  • Inguinal
  • Intrapelvic
  • Popliteal

Evaluation is performed by listening tests and pulse taking.

Treatment involves induction technique for the peritoneum, pleura, fascia, arteries, nerves and veins.

Testimonials from SCB1 Seminar Attendees:

"This course is over the top excellent."

"As an American trained and licensed D.O., I felt this course will contribute greatly to my practice. I enjoyed the pace of the course, with plenty of hand-on practice time, the step by step guidance and the knowledgeable and highly skilled table trainers. This course is well worth my money and my time."

"Valuable course and skills to have."