The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Recovery for the Wounded Healer (BARN2)

Prerequisite: The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Treating Trauma and Abuse (BARN)

The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Recovery for the Wounded Healer (BARN2)

Developed by Dr. Rebecca Ridge, PhD, TEP, LMT, in this second level of Body Alchemy of Relational Neuroscience, we will expand on your learnings from BARN1. Focusing on the complex history of developmental trauma that has occurred from conception through childhood, BARN2 offers experiential training in how to develop a trusting relationship with the client by supporting their resilience and helping them to discover strong resources within that remind them to stay within their window of tolerance. CranioSacral Therapy has so much to offer the client while in the process of healing trauma because we are able to physically touch within the body-mind where memory lies deeply embedded and activated in fascia, fluid, and the nervous system. Intuitively we explore where memory and experience have left fault lines of cellular memories, which hold the deep wounds of trauma, abuse, and neglect, as well as the keys to the wisdom that helped them survive.

Therapists committed to this learning will venture forth on their own heroic journey to clear and repair their own memories. This lays the ground for a more honest and ‘real ‘approach with our clients based on lived experiences. Being a ‘wounded healer’ in recovery is recognized as a part of the alchemical process. This workshop will be an experiential tapestry of exploring deep story, while holding clear boundaries and learning to listen from your own compassionate heart to the meta story of your client. You will work with the wounded child aspect of a client by following the threads of story woven into strain patterns to discover what they have lost and what is their core need.

Multi modal learning integrated with the current practices of trauma therapy, titration, attachment recovery and the felt sense of resilience allows the therapist to deepen their own skill set to follow with your hands and facilitate a co-created inner wisdom between client and therapist. Herein lies the alchemical shift when the nervous system is rewired, the limbic system is regulated, and tissues become more fluid and mobile. By rewriting new scenarios of hope and resilience, and encouraging a client to discover their own insights, creates the potential for a new life story.